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Megan Ratts’ career in architectural photography began in 1998 out of frustration. The problem: trying to prepare outstanding marketing pieces using the lousy project pictures taken by coworkers. Already an amateur photographer, Megan grabbed her camera bag and never looked back.

After 17 years of shooting in-house architecture, Megan opened Megan Ratts Photography in 2016. Her company is a certified Woman-Owned Business through the Indiana Department of Administration.

“But professional photographers are too expensive.”

Bad project photos can cost you in the form of lost work. They don’t reflect the quality of your design or make an impact on your clients. But great project photographs are an investment that pays you back. They are one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business because when clients get to see your best work they are more likely to hire you. 

That said, Megan believes you don’t need to go into debt for excellent architectural photography. After spending 23 years marketing A/E/C projects, she understands the project photography you need to win awards, impress clients, and successfully pursue new projects. By focusing on what you need, she is able to offer reasonable prices while capturing the essence of your project.

iPhones are for influencers, not architecture.

Smartphones are great for capturing progress photos and giving “sneak peaks” on social media, but no filter can replace Megan’s skill as an experienced photographer using professional equipment and post-production software.

“Buildings are so much more than just concrete boxes. My goal is to always show your project at its most attractive and individualistic. That’s why I’m curious about the history of the design of every building I shoot. The use of space and how a building unfolds is fascinating!” 

Megan’s approach is straightforward and nimble. She provides a quick on-site and turn-around experience and her streamlined process respects your time. From your first conversation through presorts and final retouches, Megan can operate as independently or collaboratively as you like.  

Ready to get the most out of your past projects and marketing budget? Call (740) 404-9150 for project details and rates. Bookings for Spring 2022 are now being taken.

Megan lives outside Indianapolis with a menagerie of dogs and cats. Her husband, unsurprisingly, is an architect.

Contact Megan at (740) 404-9150 or megan@meganrattsphotography.com.

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